Shedding the Dense Stories…

Have you been feeling the call to wake up? To step up? To rise up? To awaken to your inner truth? Have you been feeling this inner call for something bigger? Do you find this "New Age" movement intriguing? Have you recently discovered you have a gift of clairvoyance? Or prophetic dreams? Are you experiencing... Continue Reading →

I just want to be free…

  I just want to be free. Free from bumper to bumper traffic.  Free from sirens.  Free from air-conditioned offices and fluorescent lighting.  Free from the alarm at 6:30am.  Free from the expectations that our American culture has placed on us to make enough money, have a big house, and drive a nice car to... Continue Reading →

The Narcissist and Empath

Let's start with me... I am a highly sensitive person with a strong empathetic personality. I think this is a combination of two things that brought me to this place: one- coming from a fucked up childhood and being demonstrated codependent relationships. And two- this is a spiritual life gift. The ability to be an... Continue Reading →

Call me crazy…

Call me crazy: Yes, that's right, I said call me crazy. And yes, I am proud of it. We hear the word "crazy" and we instantly think of those people that have road rage, people who stalk past lovers, people who do really anything out of the "norm". But that is not the type of crazy... Continue Reading →

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